Chap01: Haptic perception: an historic approach

Chap02: German pioneers of research into human haptic perception

Chap03: British pioneers of research into human haptic perception

Chap04: Early psychological studies on touch in France

Chap05: Haptics in the United States before 1940

Chap06: Anatomy of receptors

Chap07: Physiological mechanisms of the receptor system

Chap08: Neural basis of haptic perception

Chap09: The neural bases of haptic working memory

Chap10: Neuronal plasticity of the haptic system

Chap11: Haptic perception in the human foetus

Chap12: Haptic behavior in social interaction

Chap13: Learning effects in haptic perception

Chap14: Implicit and explicit memory effects in haptic perception

Chap15: Attention in sense of touch

Chap16: Haptic object identification

Chap17: Haptic perceptual illusions

Chap18: Haptic perception in interaction with other senses

Chap19: Haptically evoked activation of visual cortex

Chap20: Haptic perception and synaesthesia

Chap21: Haptic perception in sexuality

Chap22: Haptic perception in space travel

Chap23: Phantom sensations

Chap24: The neuroscience and phenomenology of sensory loss

Chap25: Focal dystonia: diagnostic, therapy, rehabilitation

Chap26: Self-injurious behavior

Chap27: Language development disturbances

Chap28: Haptic perception in Anorexia nervosa

Chap29: History of haptic interfaces

Chap30: Principles of haptic perception in virtual environments

Chap31: Haptic shape cues, invariants, priors and interface design

Chap32: Design guidelines for generating force feedback on fingertips using haptic interfaces

Chap33: Haptic rendering and control

Chap34: Haptic perception in human robotic systems

Chap35: Haptic design of vehicle interiors at AUDI

Chap36: Visual-haptic interfaces in car design by BMW

Chap37: Haptics in reasearch at Daimler AG

Chap38: Haptic design of handles

Chap39: Vestibular sensory substitution using tongue electrotactile display

Chap40: The blind get a taste of vision

Chap41: Tactile ground surface indicators in public places

Chap42: HapticWalker - haptic foot device for gait rehabilitation

Chap43: Haptic sensing of virtual textiles

Chap44: Haptic discrimination of paper

Chap45: Haptic banknote design

Chap46: Get touched - bodycare as a design of media for self-perception